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Senior School & Transitional Trainee

Begin the journey toward Pre-Professional Training, or continue to grow your passion for dance

Canterbury Ballet's Senior School is filled with students who have a passion for dance and take their training seriously. 

In our Senior School, students can enjoy a vast array of after-school classes taught by our experienced dance faculty in a supportive and energetic environment that fosters individuality.


The Transitional Trainee Program is designed for dancers contemplating advancing their training to the next level but aren't quite prepared to commit to the Pre-Professional Trainee Program. Students in this program have the opportunity to participate in Full-Time classes alongside Pre-Professional Trainee students with the ability to customise their timetable, choosing from a combination of after-school and daytime classes.


Canterbury Ballet's Senior Dancers learn advanced technique, explore a range of different styles and have the opportunity to discover who they are as a dancer. Please see the classes below that Canterbury Ballet offers to its Senior School Students. The relevant age brackets and corresponding levels are as follows:

Level 4: 12-13 Years

Level 5: 14-15 Years

Level 6 & 7: 15+ Years

Classes (ages 12+)


Classical Classes

ABT Classical Syllabus

LEVEL 4 & 5:

Tuesday 4-5.30pm

Wednesday 5.15-6.45pm

LEVEL 6 & 7:

Tuesday 4-6pm

Wednesday 5.15-6.45pm

The Senior Level classes of the ABT Syllabus are focused on consolidating advanced Classical Ballet technique alongside developing sophisticated artistic qualities. Optional exams are offered at the end of each year.

Open Classical

Monday 4-5.30pm: L4+

Saturday 9-10:30am: L3+

These classes offer students the chance to reinforce and maintain techniques learnt and focused on during syllabus classes through different and new exercises every class. Explore a wider range of steps and challenges by introducing new vocabulary in each class.

Pointe & Variations

Monday 5.30-6.30pm: Level 4+ Variations

Tuesday 5.30-6.15pm: Level 4 & 5 Pointe

Tuesday 6-6.45pm: Level 6+ Pointe

Wednesday 4.30-5.15pm: Level 5+ Pointe

Our specialised Pointe classes focus on ABT Level-specific exercises, ensuring safe technique and strength building.


Our Variation class exclusively highlights classical repertoire from competitions, allowing students to apply their pointe technique in full-length solos.

Classial Classes

Modern Classes

Open Lyrical

Monday 6.30-7.15pm: Level 4+

Our weekly open lyrical class has an emphasis on refining lyrical dance techniques and exploring new choreography each week.

Modern Technique

Wednesday 3.30-4.30pm: Level 4+

This class is specifically dedicated to learning and refining modern dance techniques such as leaps, extensions, turns and tricks.

Combo Class

Friday 3.30-4.15pm: Open Level

Alternating between Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary, this class focuses on learning and performing a new combination every week.

Open Commercial/Heels Jazz

Friday 4.15-5pm: Open Level

A class dedicated to learning the techniques required for the commercial style of jazz. Heels are optional for this class.

Open Contemporary

Friday 5-6pm: Open Level

Explore contemporary technique, choreography and learn improvisation skills through our open Contemporary class.


Friday 6-6.30pm: Open Level

This class is dedicated to learning the correct technique required to perform acrobatic skills which are relevant to dance.

Modern Classes

Additional Classes

Leaps, Turns & Tricks

Wednesday 4.30-5.15pm: Level 4

In this class, the primary focus is on honing the precise and safe execution of leaps, turns, and skills commonly utilised in modern dance styles. The emphasis is on refining technique, providing students with a comprehensive understanding and practice involved in performing these techniques. 

Stretch & Strength

Tuesday 3.30-4pm: Open Level

Wednesday 6.45-7.40pm: Level 4+

Our stretch and strength classes prioritise your safety while helping you build strong, flexible muscles. You will focus on proper techniques to nurture flexibility, strengthen necessary muscle groups, and reduce the risk of injury.

Professional Development Program

Thursday 5.15-7.15pm

For Terms 1 & 2, we present a unique Professional Development Program, bringing renowned dance educators, tutors, and choreographers from across New Zealand directly into our studios every week for two-hour workshops. This program covers a range of styles including Classical, Jazz, and Contemporary, along with lectures addressing relevant dance topics such as nutrition and mental performance coaching.

Additional Styles

Elite Competition Team

Canterbury Ballet's Award-Winning Elite Competition Team

Annually, students in our Senior School or Transitional Trainee Program have the chance to audition for or be chosen to join our Elite Competition Teams. Canterbury Ballet's Senior Teams have achieved National and International titles in both Classical and Modern dance styles.

Being part of our Elite Competition Team offers students the chance to foster strong connections in a highly supportive environment. With ample opportunities to travel and perform, dancers can safely push boundaries, embrace new challenges, and enhance their technique in more advanced areas of dance. All of this unfolds within an inspiring team spirit, fostering lasting friendships and a rewarding dance experience

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